Ancelotti, best manager for Bayern

Bayern Munich legend LotharMatthäus has stated that Carlo Ancelotti will be a better manager than Pep Guardiola.

He believes that the manager is more experienced and that he will not be experimenting on the pitch. This statement comes after several Bayern Munich has spoken about Guardiola.

First of all, it was Ribery who stated that Guardiola is a manager that lack experience and that he talks too much. He said that the Spanish manager was more concerned about his career and complicated football. Then it was Dante who stated that Guardiola did not know how to manage people. He said that Pep Guardiola does not know how to talk with players and that he lacks relational skills.

Now it is the turn of ">LotharMatthäus to state that Guardiola was not a good manager for Bayern Munich. He said that the manager was more concerned to humiliate the opposing manager than to make sure that the team wins. He stated that the former Bayern Munich manager was always looking to show the opposing manager that he has reinvented football rather than making the best use of his available player.

LotharMatthäus believes that Bayern Munich will not be having this problem with Carlo Ancelotti as he is more traditional. He said that the Italian manager had enjoyed great success at teams where he has managed and believes he will be doing the same at Bayern Munich. He expects the German team to progress under Ancelotti and believes that he is the man to put Bayern Munich at the top of European football.

He said that the players will love Ancelotti and that they will appreciate the way he relates to players. He has backed Bayern Munich to have a successful season both in Germany as well as in Europe.