Barcelona manager unhappy with Bayern Munich

Despite Bayern Munich’s domination both in the domestic Premiership as well as in Europe, Pep Guardiola, their manager, is not satisfied.

The Spanish manager does not agree to those experts who say that Bayern is the strongest team in the world in club football.

According to Guardiola, the big loss that Bayern suffered at the hands of Real Madrid the previous season is a proof that they are not the best as yet.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Guardiola said, “We have been doing well this season, but, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to get any better. We shouldn’t forget the loss to Madrid earlier in the year.”

“We have not been able to take the level of our game as high as we can. But, the good thing is that we are fully aware of our weaknesses and have been working on it on a regular basis.”

Guardiola also talked about losing David Alaba at such an important time in the season.

He said, “David is somebody who is hard to be replaced because of his ability to play anywhere on the pitch. You won’t see too many such guys who can adapt their game according to the position they get slotted in. So, we are going to miss him badly, no doubt.”

David Alaba, the 22-year old playmaker from Austria, has played close to 100 matches for the Bundesliga leaders. He has been an in-form player this season. Recently, he injured his knee pretty seriously and was ruled out till next summer.

But, the Bayern fans should not get sad as Bastian Schweinsteiger is not too far away from action. He should be back in about a couple of weeks and with his experience, he should make up for Alaba’s absence in the midfield.