Bayern Munich came into the German Super Cup match during the weekend against Borussia Dortmund looking to carry on their impressive form from pre-season.

After the arrival of Guardiola, the club has been looking to change its tactics and the style of play in a seamless manner. This seems to have so far worked in the pre-season matches, as they have had some impressive results. The 2-0 win over Barcelona is one of the several great results Bayern Munich have enjoyed during this period, but they slumped to a 4-2 defeat against Dortmund.

This victory helped Dortmund achieved some revenge for the Champions League final defeat they suffered last season, helping their fans get over it.

This 4-2 defeat also means that the defensive problems that were apparent on several occasions during Guardiola's Barcelona time was also visible. Defender Daniel Van Buyten was responsible for a few errors, while the same could be said of goalkeeper Tom Starke as well. The manager, though, failed to criticise his players after the defeat. He has said that the club should forget this defeat quickly and focus on the start of the new Bundesliga season, which will happen next week.

Captain Philipp Lahm said after the match that they should learn from their mistakes made in this match.

"They won. I am not here to analyse which team played better today. I am happy with our performance, we played well. Congratulations to Dortmund, they won. We did not lose because of that [Van Buyten's and Starke's mistakes]. This is football. We have one week until the cup and another week to the Bundesliga. They won 4-2, but I did not have the feeling they were much better than us. But this is football. We will watch the match and work," said Guardiola.
Bayern will start the new season with a home match against Borussia Mönchengladbach.