Karim Benzema has signed a new deal at Real Madrid, but, it’s believed he is not the most comfortable there especially with Javier Hernandez being brought in.

Over the last 4 seasons, Benzema has played regularly in the Liga for Madrid, but, this season, that might not turn out to be the case. He will have to compete with Hernandez.
Benzema was said to be feeling unsecured during the summer and there were talks of him moving to Bayern, but he ended all the speculations by accepting the extension offered by Madrid.

However, the sources say that the extension doesn’t mean the Frenchman is in at Bernabeu for a long time. He might be interested in transfer if he is not given adequate playing time this season.

Benzema’s transfer during the winter window doesn’t sound realistic though. The Madrid management would not be doing that, and the bookies don't think so either - the odds are in the hundreds on him moving.

But, a transfer at the end of this season is very much on the cards as the reports are coming through.

Benzema might not have been in his best form in the last season, but, he still won Madrid some games including the one against Bayern Munich in the semi final round of the European Cup.

That was the first leg game and Madrid won it by 1-0 courtesy Benzema’s goal.

He had also scored a couple of times in the El Clasico in March this year. It did not prove to be a good enough effort though as Barcelona won that game by 4-3.

As far as the Reds (Liverpool) are concerned, their manager Rodgers have already brought in Balotelli to form a combo with Sturridge, but, what he has seen this season so far, he has started feeling the need of one more forward in his ranks and Benzema is the man he wants.