Cesc Fabregas says that former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola is almost certain

Cesc Fabregas says that former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola is almost certain to test himself in the Premier League.

Widely acknowledged as the best league in the world, the competition in the English Premier League is intense. It is something that Guardiola is not used to – either at his former club Barcelona or his current Bayern Munich. Both teams dominate their league so heavily that the chance of losing a Championship is very low. It may have contributed immensely to the several league titles already within the pocket of the former Barcelona midfielder.

His contract with Bayern Munich is set to end soon but he has not still spoken about his future. The increasing speculation that he will come to the Premier League, where a number of clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City will want to have him, in the summer. Chelsea are also joining the long list of potential suitors, as they contemplate sacking manager Jose Mourinho in favour of the two-time Champions League winner. Guardiola’s time at Bayern Munich, though, is unlikely to be remembered a lot if he does not win the European Cup. He has won the league title in all of the seasons he has been in Germany.

"I have absolutely no doubt that Pep will test himself in the Premier League.I have spoken to him in the past and I know that he likes it a lot," said Fabregas, who became an important part of the Barcelona team under Guardiola."Not even I know what Pep's intentions are. We've had some intensive talks in the past few days, but when it comes to things like this, he's very private.He will make up his mind entirely based on his own impressions," said the manager’s agent. Bayern's chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says that he decision on the future of Guardiola would be made soon.