The Bayern Munich supporters might not like Pep Guardiola’s frequent consultations with City bosses, but, for Munich players, it’s not something which is bothersome.

According to Thomas Muller, if Guardiola spends his leisure time in his apartment or he visits somebody for professional reasons, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to the team.

What is irking the supporters is that there is still a lot to be done for Guardiola at Munich. Although, Munich is the table topper in the League, they are feeling the breath of Bayern Leverkusen over their shoulders and it can be anybody’s title from this stage.

Also, there are tough challenges ahead for Munich in Europe. They did well to stop Juventus on a 2-2 draw playing away, but, they will have to be one notch up in the return leg to topple the Italian giants who were the finalists in the 2014-15 Season. They are odds on to do it, with bookmaker StanJames making them one of the favourites for the whole tournament, but it is still a hurdle that needs to be jumped.

The Cup semi final is there to deal with as well. It’s four weeks away though, but, it would be a tricky game versus Werder Bermen.

So, the supporters’ complaint is that at this point of time when Guardiola should have been concerned and focussed on how to guide the team to treble which is surely a prospect, he seems to be more interested in what is in store for him in his next job.

However, as far as Muller and the others are concerned in the Munich playing group, Guardiola is not erring from his responsibilities at all. He is performing his duty as manager quite efficiently and that’s what matters to the players.

In the words of Muller, “We are pretty cool with whatever he does when he is off duty. Whether he visits somebody or is just alone at his place, it’s none of our business and I don’t think it should be a worry because it is not affecting our work.”